National Archives of Georgia

Exhibition Pavilion

Exhibition Pavilion of the National Archives was opened on July 21, 2016

Exhibition hall is located on the ground floor of the Exhibition Pavilion of the National Archives of Georgia, on the mezzanine – mediathek, shop of branded products and Café. In  mediathek you can enjoy unique books, computers and free Wi-Fi.  One can buy various products created using archival documents. In the same place, together with the exhibitions public lectures, educational projects, presentation of the publications, and other activites are held.

The modern archives in Georgia were founded on April 23, 1920. The archives have never had space for conducting exhibitions or cultural-educational events. The exhibition gallery was constructed by the initiative of the Minister of Justice to present a wide variety of materials to the public. The National Archives of Georgia, as a LEPL (Legal Entity of Public Law) of the Ministry of Justice of Georgia, was established in 2007.

By this time the National Archives preserve: written documents of 5 million files; 439 063 photos, 19 063 audio and 34 904 film documents; 80,000 books and 50,000 periodicals.

Photo Gallery