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Document Of The Week – Pelo Beriashvili’s letter to Phillipe Makharadze

The Document of the current week is a letter of Pelo Beriashvili, teacher from village Shilda to Phillipe Makharadze.

The teacher wrote to the chairman of the Central Executive Committee of Georgia about her odds of suffering but the main point of the letter was the story of her love and the problems created due to it: “As you may know, and of course you have an experience of love, we fell in love when we were students. However, I have made a big mistake, but love is the law of nature and I couldn’t escape these claws. The main trouble is that he is a nobleman’s son. I strongly fought my feelings but couldn’t overcome it…” - The local government of the Soviet Union expelled Pelo’s fiancé – Chokolashvili from the village. Saying, "Nobleman’s son cannot live in the village."

Pelo asked Philippe Makharadze for help. Saying: "My fate is on you".


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