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Unique Exhibition about Sargis Kakabadze is hosted by the National Archives

17:34 | 7 June, 2019


Exhibition “Sargis Kakabadze” was opened today at the Exhibition Pavilion of the National Archives of the Ministry of Justice of Georgia.

The exposition was opened by the General Director of the National Archives Teona Iashvili and the Sargis Kakabadze’s granddaughter Tsira Kalandadze.

Historian and philologist Sargis Kakabadze was one of the founders and lately head of the National Archives. Due to his great service the fonds of the National Archives were enriched with special documents.

Sargis Kakabadze’s unique private archive is preserved by his granddaughter Tsira Kalandadze. With her assistance documents from the historian’s archive is presented at the Exhibition Pavilion of the National Archives of Georgia for the wide society for the first time.

Besides the photo reproductions, originals from Sargis Kakabadze’s family archive is also exhibited. Among them: family photos and documents of the Kakabadzes, unpublished and completely unknown scientific works, archeological objects belonging to Sargis Kakabadze; interesting archival material about Sargis, David and Artem Kakabadze.

It should be noted that International Archives Day is celebrated on June 9. Exhibition about one of the founders of the National Archives is dedicated to this very date.  

The exposition will last till July 7. Attendance is free of charge.

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