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The National Archives of Georgia has published the Diary of Niko Bagration

16:32 | 21 November, 2017


The National Archives of Georgia published the diary of Niko Bagrationi (Niko the Boer), which he wrote during the exile to St. Helena.

The book is the first volume of the publication of the National Archives of Georgia - "Memories, Diaries, Records”.

The author describes his daily life and experiences. In 1899, Niko Bagrationi traveled to Africa for hunting on lions and his journey coincided with England's war against the Republic of South Africa (Boers).

Niko the Boer writes in his diary: “I remembered my favorite Georgia! All my creature embraced with the compassion to Boers and without any hesitation I wanted to help freedom-loving people who was going to be destroyed by England”. He was involved in the war and fought on the Boers side as a Colonel. At the end of the war he was captured and exiled to the island of St. Helena, where he started writing his memoirs and a small diary.

After the war Niko the Boer returned to Georgia and participated in the World War I. After the Sovietization of Georgia, he remained in Tbilisi and became an opposition of local Bolsheviks. According to the legend, in the last years of his life he traded with the cigarettes in the Tbilisi market.

The original Diary of Niko the Boer is created in Russian and is preserved in the Central Historical Archive, in personal fonds of Niko the Boer.  Tamar Gabunia, employee of the National Archives, prepared and translated the diary.



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